Bandar Raya Snack

Cracker For The Outcast

SnackThe Hypostomus plecostomus or suckermouth catfish, colloquially called “sucker fish”, is a type of fish that commonly exists in Indonesia. This freshwater fish are mainly placed in aquarium tanks to clean the glass, a janitors. Sucker fish are not a common food; especially to people from the middle to upper classes they have a dirty connotation and are perceived as muddy and inedible. However, people from the grassroots often eat wild sucker fish, fishing them directly from muddy rivers as food of desperate measures. This project intrigued by this fact and to see the status of sucker fish as that of a marginalized, subordinated fish while they actually play an important role in keeping the artificial water world in glass tanks clean.

This project surveys sucker fish under social, cultural and economical aspects. I researched about dishes that include sucker fish created by people living along the riverside, its nutritional value, and also how it is traded. The result of the research is an installation of a food hawker kiosk selling sucker fish snack, a jingle and video.