Biography of Authenticity: Artist Signature

This project was made for the Made in Commons exhibition, a collaborative project set up and conducted by Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and KUNCI Cultural Studies Center.

By using the mechanism of public company which offer shared ownership by selling securities (for example stocks) to general public, this project offer shared ownership upon my artwork, an exclusive invitation card of an appropriation artist Yasumasa Morimura exhibition reception, signed by the artist himself. The idea behind this initiative is to interrogate issues of authenticity, authorship and ownership of appropriation art in the wake of an increasingly open global culture.

I provide 100 certificates of ownership to be given by person who wished to own the object, which is the artwork. The certificate not only function as a proof of ownership, but it’s also works as stock (as in capital stock of an incorporated business) which showed the amount of shares upon the object. Anyone who want to become the shareholders of this artwork, will have to place a request through the website. The certificate will be send to them, they will have to sign and send it back to smba. Then it will displayed all the certificates with the artwork and the related materials that proved its authenticity in “Made in Commons” exhibition.