Bandar Raya Snack is part of the Riverscape in Flux project organized by Goethe Institut. This project studying about Sucker Fish from the social, cultural and economical perspectives. The research about dishes that include Sucker Fish in the menu created by people in the riversides, the nutrition, and also how it is being traded. The output of the research take form as a food branding strategy including the kiosk. It contains an installation of a hawker food vendor selling Sucker Fish products, complete with brochures and promotional items on Sucker Fish. The kiosk will also be decorated with a video of an aquarium containing only Sucker Fish, with a miniature of an elite housing complex put at the bottom.

This project involving cooks and fisherman who live near the Gajah Wong river, Yogyakarta – Indonesia. In the beginning, the project proposal was to create a simple recipe for fast food and would be served in a small restaurant. Within the restaurant, an installation of an elite house model and a living Sucker fish.

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